Manufacture automatization

Indeed, programs and apps for business are born out of a discovery: when a company needs a software solution, even if it has the necessary budget for its development, it will tend to a solution available on the market, because, in particular, the excessive duration of specific developments. Indeed, if earlier it was 2 to 3 years for software development, the first modules are now available 3 months after the project launch. Office management software enables companies, regardless of size, to develop their own solutions based on the latest technology and digital trends.

In particular, we work a lot with the world of transport and logistics, business sectors, which urgently need to digitize their operations and processes. For example, we worked on the implementation of a solution for the management, capitalization and optimization of rolling stock maintenance plans. Prior to that, she used software integration systems published by well-known sector names. This is a distortion, a deviation of the product, while the company has real added value in the creation and development of its own tools.

We put our technical expertise at the service of our customers’ business vision in order to create an application that meets their business requirements. Together with our clients, we develop tools that will be ideally integrated with their information system and business processes. This is a true collaborative approach: from determining the need to deploying a solution, we accompany them at every stage to get a fully tailored solution.

This collective reflection often reveals elements that we do not necessarily think about. From an ergonomic point of view and user experience, starting from scratch, locations are optimized and functions are prioritized based on the experience of the people who will use the solutions.

Manufacture automatization. The main task is to create trusting relationships with our customers. Indeed, since we do not have standard presentation software, it is sometimes difficult for our clients to design a project, and this period will precede the first. Since 2009, offers companies the opportunity to find solutions. customized software tailored to their business needs. Putting the customer at the center of the development process facilitates the digital transformation of manufacturers in all sectors.

Usually it is this stage of uncertainty that makes many companies turn to an existing solution, even if it is not necessarily intended for their industry. Nevertheless, thanks to our attentiveness, dynamism and dexterity, we manage to resist these brakes and effectively accompany our clients in their projects.

We have developed a business application that allows you to simulate the costs of servicing a complex system (for example, such as a train, an airplane). When we know that the acquisition cost of such a system is only 20-30% of the total cost of ownership, we understand that it is important to focus on the maintenance that the other side represents. In addition to cost control, this solution also allows for prediction with modeling for decades over several service scenarios. This allows you to virtually confront them and, thus, using an iterative process, choose the best organization for implementation.

In the field of railway transport, we also worked on a project for traceability of gas tanks. Indeed, there was a real problem at the service station regarding billing and identification of the person who filled out. We have created a tracking solution with a unique identifier for each tank in order to have better visibility in terms of billing. In a mechanical pump system, if the tank is not identified, there is no gas distribution. During the joint working session, we developed a “glove-friendly” interface that allows employees who wear gloves as part of their function to improve the user interface.

Even if we cannot control all technologies, it is necessary to constantly monitor the development of events and orient ourselves in order to accompany and advise our clients on the technological aspect in an appropriate manner. Indeed, we hear about several new technologies (for example, the Internet of things, blockchain, etc.). But not all of them are necessarily adapted to the needs of our customers. The challenge for us is to move to a technology that offers our customers a reliable, reliable and sustainable solution. Monitoring technology will allow us to filter the effects of modes and identify emerging technologies that can really help our customers digitize their processes.