Modern software development

It’s hard to imagine a modern person who can’t use a phone, computer, or laptop. All these gadgets have already become part of our life. But they would all be completely useful without the right software. There are even special software development services that can help to create different programs for different users.

In this article, you will learn about varieties, features, and main trends in software development.

Types of modern software.

A program is a set of commands that are created to perform certain actions. There are two types of modern software. Let’s take a closer look at each of them.

  • System software.

The system software is designed to control the computer. Mostly, system programs are:

  • Operating system;
  • Drivers;
  • Antiviruses;
  • Programs for computer diagnostics;
  • Programs for creating backups.

Often, system software from different manufactures has similar functionality and interface.

  • Applied software.

This type of software is designed to perform certain users’ tasks. With it, you can create music, texts, pictures, tables, process text information, etc. The most popular applications are:

  • Graphic editors;
  • Accounting programs;
  • Music creation programs;
  • Spreadsheet processors;
  • Scientific graphics systems;
  • Database management systems.

         Applied software is often developed for certain companies and enterprises.

Main trends in software development.

Trends change in all areas of activity every day. In our digital age, these changes are also taking place in the field of software development. The world is progressing, and with it, the capabilities of developers are progressing too.

One of the main trends in the software world is Artificial Intelligence. Many software companies are trying to create a program that can think wisely, like a human. These technologies have been used in various spheres.

Another popular trend is blockchain. This is a kind of data registry, that makes a lot of banking operations and financial transactions easier. Many companies are switching to blockchain development because the popularity of this software is growing every day.

Small-code development is similar to building a Lego constructor. You build the application from separate parts. With small-code development, you can create software, even if you don’t know programming.

Another popular trend is cybersecurity. Data security software will never lose its popularity. That’s why many developers create a huge amount of cybersecurity software.

Progressive web applications. PWAs are different from regular mobile apps: they are like something between a web app and a mobile app. They work with the Service Worker script — that’s what any PWA application is based on.

Code quality is not only a popular trend but also an important necessity for software development. For effective work, all developers must have an individual approach to different types of tasks.

Virtual reality and augmented reality have already gained recognition. But now we have a new trend – mixed reality. This software combines the main qualities of VR and AR. The main advantage of these programs is the low requirements for the technical characteristics of the device. Mixed reality software is used for education and even for military training.